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    “Mine is a ladies world.” It’s not easy being a hotel cleaning man in a cowboy town. Just ask male maid Vincent Van Metcalf who has an odd passion for cleaning rooms and a knack for making a mess of relationships. When a hostile developer threatens to knock down his beloved hotel in… Read More »

Online Movies As A Threat To Film Industries

Competition between technologies is normal because usually the latest version is always better than the older one. Of course, there are still cases that it can still be good on some aspect, but competition can never be not present. Even in terms of watching movies. Back then, if you can’t watch on theaters, you can… Read More »

Should You Tolerate Leaks Of TV Series Episodes?

Whenever a recent TV series episode is a cliff-hanger, a lot of people would immediately look for the next one or make up their speculations on what could happen next. Theories will be tested and sometimes, they also try hard to look for the next episode as early as possible. If you are more curious… Read More »

What You Need When You Watch Movies Online

To be able to access the movies online on different websites, there are certain requirements that you need to meet. Apparently, they are not hard to obtain since some of them can be easily found on your home or, you might even have it already and this will be just another way for you to… Read More »