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We are happy to announce that Man Maid has been picked up by Fireside Releasing out of Austin. Watch for Man Maid to come to your local video store soon and keep watching here for details on its release.

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Man Maid is the first feature project shot with the revolutionary “Yedlog” software.  Essentially Yedlog programs a Logarithmic Gamma curve into the camera (Sony F-900 in our case, with Panavision lenses) that optimizes the exposure latitude of the HD format.  It allows the filmmakers to use exposure information normally discarded in order to make the image more palatable when viewed on a standard monitor.  Since we will be adjusting the contrast and color we can make use of this greater range of image information when color correcting for film or any other projection system.
It also allows for a much greater range in regular video correction as well.  In short, it helps to create a beautiful picture filled with clarity warmth and depth.