Online Movies As A Threat To Film Industries

By | January 13, 2018

Competition between technologies is normal because usually the latest version is always better than the older one. Of course, there are still cases that it can still be good on some aspect, but competition can never be not present. Even in terms of watching movies. Back then, if you can’t watch on theaters, you can rent a DVD copy on rental stores. Learn more about xmovies8 on xmovies8official.

But, when online movies were introduced, rental stores shut down since they are now allowed to watch a movie for free with more efficiency. But, now that you think about it, since they are free, you might wonder if it is a threat for movie makers since they won’t be able to gain something out of the things that they worked hard for.

Threat Or No

  • Film makers can still earn something from online movies – despite the fact that online movies are uploaded and being watched for free, the number of views can serve as an indicator that the movie is a success. If it turns out good, then they will be able to produce other goods to be able to gain profit such as merchandise, books and others.
  • If all movies are free, no one would produce anymore – take a look at the graphics of Justice league, Finding Dory, Lord of The Rings and so on. It takes hundreds of thousands to be able to make the graphics realistic for the viewers. As much as possible, they want to gain something for what they worked hard for. That is why if all of the movies will be free, expect that no one will be interested to make anymore
  • Efficiency For Others – since not all people are able to pay for the cinema tickets, websites like let me watch this allows them to be able to enjoy what they love without the need to pay for anything.