Should You Tolerate Leaks Of TV Series Episodes?

By | January 13, 2018

Whenever a recent TV series episode is a cliff-hanger, a lot of people would immediately look for the next one or make up their speculations on what could happen next. Theories will be tested and sometimes, they also try hard to look for the next episode as early as possible. If you are more curious about fmovies then you can learn more about it on fmoviesofficial.

Because of the cunning tricks that they do, there are circumstances that the next episode will be leaked even before it is officially released. The question is: would you patronize them or wait for the official release on TV, first?

Cons Of Watching A Leaked Episode

  • You are watching something illegal – yes, if you watch a leaked episode, then it means that you are already a part of a crime committed without you even noticing it. That is because the leaked episode was released with illegal methods. So, in case that you are one of those who got the link, you might get sued or may have a virus on their devices. That is why trust websites that only releases legal episodes like Fmovies.
  • Not Good Quality – as much as people would love to watch in a good picture, they would tolerate anything as long as they are able to watch and know what would happen next. In a leaked episode, it is always in a bad quality because the official video was just rooted so that hackers could extract the necessary data only. So, if you are the type of person who doesn’t enjoy bad resolution videos, you won’t like this one
  • Stealing from Directors – when an episode is released on TV, they earn depending on the number of viewers that will watch. But, what if they already watched the leaked episode online? Then they wouldn’t earn anything since they already watched it online thanks to the hackers.